Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chaos sm update

Been painting white parts on the csm models. Here's a chaos lord or champion type guy. It's from the possessed box, but I don't ever see me running possessed.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chaos Space Marines

I've been working on some Chaos Space Marines lately.  This is a Chaos Champion armed with a combi-plasma standing on an apple. I'm about to hit him with some runefang steel and wanted a "before" picture.

Friday, May 23, 2014


"Everybody Scores"

   It's bad on a girl's T-Shirt but good in 40k.  In honor of 7th edition coming out this weekend, here's a first pass at an 1850 point Space Marine list:


  • Marneus Calgar, Lord of Macragge 
    Armour of Antilochus


  • Sternguard Veteran Squad 
    2x Meltagun, 9x Veteran
    • Drop Pod
      Storm Bolter
    • Space Marine Sergeant
      Bolt Pistol, Boltgun
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad 
    2x Meltagun, 9x Veteran
    • Drop Pod 
      Storm Bolter
    • Space Marine Sergeant 
      Bolt Pistol, Boltgun
  • Terminator Assault Squad 
    9x Swap Lightning Claws for TH/SS, 9x Terminators 
    • Terminator Sergeant 
      Swap Lightning Claws for TH/SS


  • Tactical Squad 
    Lascannon , Rhino, 4x Space Marine 
    • Space Marine Sergeant
      Bolt pistol, Bolter
  • Tactical Squad
    Lascannon, 4x Space Marine 
    • Space Marine Sergeant
      Bolt pistol, Bolter
  • Tactical Squad
    Meltagun , 4x Space Marine
    • Drop Pod 
    • Space Marine Sergeant

Heavy Support

  • Stormraven Gunship
    Extra Armour, Storm Strike Missile, Twin Linked Lascannons, Twin Linked Multi Meltas        

What's in the list:  
  • Powerful scoring units
  • Option to pass or fail any Morale test (thanks Calgar)
  • Ability to use a single Doctrine twice in a game (thanks again, Calgar)
  • A great flyer that haul dudes around to objectives
My actual troop units are very small but my opponent will have to kill every one of them to get them off an objective.  I will need to be somewhat clever with objective placement to keep them out of the line of fire.  Power armored models aren't that hard to erase.

The Stormraven is almost a given in my SM lists for obvious reasons.  It's very good and with the new Vehicle Damage chart for 7th edition it got a little better - along with practically every other vehicle out there.

The meat and potatoes of the list are clearly the elites.  They are the aforementioned "Powerful scoring units."  Sterngard are Sterngard, and do what Sterngard normally do: shoot things to death.  They have decent ant-vehicle power but could have more with some combi-weapons.  The Assault Terminators can be a walking death star or broken up into combat squads for various nefarious purposes.

Another option is to drop the Assault Terminators for a Devastator Centurion Squad.  This could help out a lot with what I feel to be a shortage of good AT shooting in the current list.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Army Builder Space Marine files

Update (11/6/2013): My latest Army Builder patch for the new Space Marines codex is available.  The major change is that Scout Sergeants, Tactical Sergeants and Devastator Sergeants can now replace both their Bolter and Bolt Pistol with items from the Ranged and Melee lists.  The standard Army Builder version only allows users to replace bolt pistols, not bolters.

OK the folks beat me to the punch and posted the Army Builder files for the new Space Marine codex late yesterday.  Kudos to them, they look really good!  Now we can all go for the high score in Army Builder with the new Space Marines.

A few items of note regarding the new files:
  • The previous Space Marine codex still appears in Army Builder.  It's listed as "Space Marines" while the new codex is listed as "Codex: Space Marines"
  • The files don't allow Space Marine chapters to ally with each other (yet).  
  • They've already released a patch for the files.  Note that it does not correct the "Space Marines allying with themselves" issue - I'm not sure exactly what all is in the patch.
  • The new Space Marine files don't allow alliances of any type with any other armies or vice versa.

I've uploaded a patch of my own that includes the following:

  • Latest Codex: Space Marines patch referenced in the above list.
  • Fixed alliance issue with Codex: Space Marines - they can now create alliances as detailed in the 40k rulebook.  Note that this is not a fix for Battle Brother alliances between chapters.
  • Removed previous Space Marines codex from the Army Builder army list.
  • Added Farsight Enclaves rough cut.  Point values are there, rules enforcing Signature System uniqueness are not.  Wargear for Farsight's Commander Team is not listed, but point values are.  Users of the Farsight Enclave files will need to perform manual validation of their army lists.  Don't be that guy who shows up with 3 Riptides all with Earth Caste Pilot Arrays!

Instructions for applying the patch:

  • Download the patch
  • Make sure Army Builder is closed
  • Run the patch.  DO NOT place a check in the box saying delete files not updated - you will destroy the files and have to start fresh with a new 1.29 import 
  • You may want to install to a different game system folder to preserve your current Army Builder files (recommended)
  • Start Army Builder
  • Profit

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rough cut of the new Space Marine template for Quartermaster is here.  I've tried sending templates to the Quartermaster support email address, but they've all been ignored.  I also have a template for Farsight Enclaves (also a rough cut) if there's any interest.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Army Builder files for Farsight Enclaves

In short - I have some.  They aren't pretty and do not enforce uniqueness on Farsight Signature Systems.  If anyone is interested, I'll put them up on a google share.  I recommend that anyone interested use the instructions here to install the current 40k files to a separate directory, then include my files.  This will keep your current 40k data files from getting screwed up, plus it won't interfere with your automatic updates.